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IT Staffing : process and advantages
Posted By: admin February 4th, 2011 9:27 am (1) Comment
IT staffing means searching for individuals who are not only leader in their field but who also have the ability to catch up with other colleagues and clients and placing them on a contract or permanent basis at the right place. Position qualified professionals isn’t just something one can talk about, its part of who they are and it shows in everything they do.

Information Technology Staffing recruit people with true strength of character and integrity and they treat every assignment as another step toward building long-term relationships. Understanding goals of the industry is the first step, which allows them to be familiar with all personnel issues of industry and makes it easy to solve them.

The clients must include some of the most respected companies in the country. Organizations must secure their efforts, enabling them to enrich their workforce. IT staffing must be committed to providing their clients with the best service possible. Clients can range from small business to large companies.

IT staffing helps growing companies perform at a very high levels in their project. Human resource professionals’ at large companies have many responsibilities. Using a staffing service allows you to spend your time on other projects instead of reading messy resumes from unqualified candidates.

Process Of IT Staffing:-

The Clients provide them with the exact description of their ideal candidate and the company puts the recruiting process to work to bring those qualified individuals to their doorstep. They have the option of acquiring the individual through a contract-to-hire arrangement or through a permanent placement fee. The contract-to-hire term is 6 months and the permanent placement fee ranges from 20% to 25% of their annual salary: the higher the salary, the higher the placement percentage. Many clients like to use the contract-to-hire mechanism because it gives them a chance to try the individual out before they commit to bringing them on their internal payroll.

Specialists can be positioned as an individual or an entire team. The company’s goal is to supply you the people when you need them to get the job done right. When the project is completed they are gone. Additionally, many of the clients use the company’s crews run voice and data cable for ads, moves and changes. The company also, can deploy a small team of structured specialists to clean up and audit their data centers systems.

ANISAN workforce is spread all over India and has one mission to fulfill — to find the right people to meet their clients requirements – in the particular field where clients have a need and at the specific locations where they need people. From their experience they have learned that every company has its own culture, values and expectations of its employees, the better we understand them the easier it is to cut down our search and narrow down the field of candidates so that the rate of conversion is higher.

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