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Recruitment Fundamentals: The Tips to Hire Perfect Employees
Posted By: admin March 21st, 2011 5:00 am No Comments

Hey all my HR friends, would you like to recruit and employ superior proletariats? If yes then here are some of the fundamentals for hiring the perfect employees in IT firms.

To start off with, the prior thing is that the HR persons should chalk out a proper plan.

In order to hire personnels these HR people should rationalize their process of getting their employees hired. This rule applies to their first employee they have employed or other employees that they are hiring. This checklist of hiring employees will help them to keep a record of their recruitment efforts. This process of appointing employees’ through checklist is the right path of communication between both the recruiters and the employees. Thus this checklist acts as a ladder of progress in appointing the HR manager by the recruiting companies.

Now let us see as to what Checklist recruiters should prepare for hiring personnels

The recruiters should determine the urge for a fresh or a substitute position.They should be thinking creatively as to how they can achieve the work without addition of staff. They should improve methods; annihilate work which they do not have to do, disperse chores differently.

The HR should hold a recruitment planning meeting with the recruiter, the leader of the HR department and the hiring manager.

The HR should develop and prioritize the chief requirements which are needed from the position and the appropriate qualifications, characteristics and experience the HR seek in a candidate. All these factors shall assist the Human Resources department to write classified ads; to post jobs online and screen resumes for selecting potential candidate and then take their interviews.

So the HR persons can develop the job positions of candidates with the assistance of the HR department. They can also determine the range of salary for these job positions.

The HR should decide if the department will be able to afford hiring employees to fill the position.

The HR should displace the position inwardly on the “Job Opportunities” bulletin board for a week. If the HR is anticipating difficulty in finding a well qualified internal candidate for the position, you can state in the posting that you are going to advertise the position externally at the same time.

Send an all-company email to notify staff that a position has been posted and that you are hiring employees.

All staff members should encourage intelligent and qualified internal candidates to apply for the position. If the HR is hiring a supervisor, as a courtesy, he should inform the current supervisor about the hiring.

The HR should conduct the interviews and with each interviewer they should clear about their role in the interview process. They should discuss about technical qualifications, customer responsiveness and knowledge.

Lastly it is the duty of the HR to contact the candidate about his performance in the interview and if the candidate is selected the HR should place that candidate in an appropriate IT firm.

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