Public Relationship Executive

Responsibilities: The public relations (PR) executive is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating a company’s communication strategy while also protecting the company’s reputation. The purpose of their work is to gain public understanding and support through planned publicity campaigns.

Software Developer

Software Engineers document this process through the use of diagrams and flowcharts, developing computer instructions through the use of algorithms. Given the breadth of the role, a Software Engineer must have a thorough understanding of computer systems, in order to recognise any hardware limitations that could impact software design. A typical Software Engineer job description includes:

A degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics or related fields is essential. Some companies may require expertise in particular high-level programming languages such as C++, Java or Scala.

As technology develops at an ever increasing pace, it is critical for Software Engineers to stay up to date with the latest developments in hardware, systems and coding.

As well as formal qualifications, a Software Engineer job description should emphasise an importance towards: