Business Transformation

A large scale transformation or a small change requires standard program management framework that consists of the approaches, processes, tasks, templates, and tools to monitor and control the end-to-end process to achieve your target operating model within predefined scope, schedule and budget. 

We at ANISAN will define, design and deliver your transformation…

Fraud Detecting Tool

The online frauds are nightmare for banks as well as other organizations of all sizes. The frauds include transaction frauds, and another non-transaction frauds such as credit stealing, money laundering, account take over etc. 

This is highly sophisticated tool aimed to capture transaction as well as non-transaction frauds. Based on nature of business, source of potential fraudulent activities, we offer options for customized preventive measures and tool without disturbing the BAU. 

Data Analysis and Trend Forecasting Tool

Our analysis tool captures data from various sources and analyze the trend using customized business rules. The high precision analysis  helps firms understand the changing needs, expectations, and values of their customers or products or their services. 

Banking Regulatory monitoring system

This SMART Tool automates ongoing regulatory reporting and related work effectively by reducing of bespoke & manual processes. It helps organization to save money and enhance their reputation, it also helps team to improve their productivity and enhance their moral. 

Mobile Application Development

We build customized mobile applications for new as well as existing businesses.


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